Vulnerable people prioritised as Dorset Brexit risk

Vulnerable people prioritised as Dorset Brexit risk

Published by George Sharpe at 10:32am 26th August 2019.

Senior council officers across Dorset are now meeting weekly to prepare for Brexit.

A spokesman for Dorset Council says the frequency of the meetings may be increased as the end of October approaches.

Details of the meetings have not been made available but it is understood much of the work is around protecting vulnerable people. As part of this arrangements are being made for social care workers, and other front line staff, to be able to but fuel to allow them to travel, in the event of shortages.

“Our risks and mitigating actions in light of new Government guidance are continually being reviewed: Our main aim is to support Dorset’s residents and businesses and to ensure the continuation of critical services to our most vulnerable citizens in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

“We are in close and regular liaison with Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council, as well as all other agencies,” said a statement from the council.

“Key officers from all areas of the council are currently meeting on a weekly basis as part of our strategic Brexit Impact Group, which includes assurance and challenge on key potential risks.  As we move towards October 31st we may look to increase the frequency of these meetings.”

A document to councillors, earlier in the year, identified Brexit as one of the main risks to Dorset Council delivering its services.

By Trevor Bevins, Local Democracy Reporter