Yacht runs aground at Chesil Cove

Yacht runs aground at Chesil Cove

Published by Helen Down at 4:18pm 3rd September 2019.

A person on board suffered minor injuries.

Coastguard from Portland and Wyke came to the rescue of a yacht that ran aground at Chesil Cove last night.

The 27ft yacht was sailing from Exmouth to Portland when it experienced difficulties and was blown into Chesil Cove.

One person onboard was able to get ashore with a few minor injuries and was checked over by paramedics.

Yacht aground Chesil Cove

A spokesperson for Portland Coastguard Rescue said:

"Thank you to the kind family that assisted us from Brandy Row, providing the casualty with a place to warm up and dry clothes while he was checked over." 

The team remained on scene until 1.30am this morning to monitor the vessel before being stood down.