Dorchester charity give holiday for children with rare condition

Dorchester charity give holiday for children with rare condition

Published by George Sharpe at 12:01am 7th September 2019.

Cavernoma Alliance UK in Dorchester is raising money to send children with a rare condition on a special holiday.

The plan is to take youngsters, who suffer from Cavernoma with their families to the Peak District.

Helen Evans Head of Cavernoma Alliance UK said: 

"So many of our families tell us it's just the best three days of their lives."

"Our summer residential is going to take place on the Bank Holiday weekend of 2020 in a gorgeous specialist adventure centre in the Peak District."

"Our goal for 2020 is to raise enough money so that 100 children and their families can go."

"For every £168 raised we can ensure that a child and their family can go."

What is Cavernoma?

One in 600 people in the UK has a brain cavernoma without realising it, as they are often asymptomatic.

They look like a raspberry and are often only diagnosed after symptoms such as seizures or neurological problems.

A cavernoma will fill with blood and when it leaks it can cause both physical and neurological damage.

Helen added: 

"Another way people can support us is to spread the word, many GPs and even neurologists don't know what a cavernoma is and we find it takes years for people to get a diagnosis."

"Even just reposting our crowdfunder would be wonderful, because we are determined to get there for our children."