'Restaurant' dining experience for Dorchester pupils

'Restaurant' dining experience for Dorchester pupils

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:32am 12th September 2019.

Children at The Prince of Wales School have come back from their summer holidays to find the new restaurant has opened inside their school. 

The '#InspiredToLearn Restaurant' has new furniture and a vase of flowers for each table to contribute to an authentic 'restaurant' experience.

Headteacher, Gary Spracklen said:

"We wanted our children to enjoy the very best possible dining experience while at school. This means not only serving them healthy and delicious fresh food but doing so in an environment that makes them feel loved and valued."

"Over the past few months we've worked really hard to develop our own unique approach to lunchtime dining." 

"We've taken inspiration from other local schools including our friends at Damers First School and sought the advice of our wonderful local supplier Local Food Links to deliver the very best for our young people."

'Chef Debs' with Headteacher Mr Spracklen prince of wales school
'Chef Debs' with Headteacher Mr Spracklen 

'What do the kids think?'

Charlotte in Year2 said:

"We all enjoyed our new lunchtime experience. It was really nice to have the whole school together."

And Jason in Year 4 said:

"Everyone loves the #InspiredToLearn Restaurant - we are so lucky! The restaurant has a really nice atmosphere."

Top Table Award prince of wales school

Food for the #InspiredToLearn restaurant is provided by Local Food Links - a community-owned social enterprise, which makes freshly prepared, healthy school meals and supporting local businesses. 

The Prince of Wales School hopes to soon open the #InspiredToLearn Restaurant to parents, carers and grandparents to sample the menu.