New mental health group for men in Weymouth

New mental health group for men in Weymouth

Published by Maria Greenwood at 7:35am 13th September 2019.

A new support group to improve men's mental health is launching in Weymouth.

'Men in Need Together ' (MINT) gives men a place to talk openly and without shame.

They're hoping to launch their first group in Weymouth in November but they're still looking for a venue. 

Dan Ribton from Weymouth will be running the groups. He's an ex-serviceman who struggled with his mental health after returning home. He's now set up a blog and Facebook page about his experiences.

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Dan said:

"People need to know that it's okay to express your emotions, and it's okay to actually talk about your dramas.

"For myself personally, I was suicidal and self-harming for four years. I was a raging alcoholic after I came back from Afghan.

"I took to social media and I started writing. It gradually became more and more, it's now exploded into a website, our own Facebook page and now joining up with MINT as well."

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The meetings will centre around group discussion in a safe environment. 

Joshua Sturgeon set up MINT a year ago. He said:

"We know there's a stigma around men talking, but the surprising thing is once these things pop up in places like Weymouth... the men just flood the doors.

"A lot of people are more inclined to speak to strangers than family and friends. That's mainly through shame or embarrassment or things like that. 

"That's kind of what makes it work even better."

Dan says there's so much interest he's already got a full group, but there's still room for more.

To get in touch go to their Facebook page.