Chicken kidney found in Weymouth takeaway

Chicken kidney found in Weymouth takeaway

Published by George Sharpe at 2:37pm 16th September 2019. (Updated at 2:39pm 16th September 2019)

While tucking into a "chicken thigh" with his family, Sanchez Jansz-Baker from Portland said he felt something squidgy.

Sanchez was out for a takeaway at KFC in Jubilee Park, Weymouth with his fiance and two children when he bit into a chicken thigh. He says the minute he saw it, he threw up.

The fast-food restaurant has apologised for the kidney, which was found in an order of chicken thighs.

"As I had a closer look and I saw it's pink and it's soft and a bit squidgy and I started vomitting

"I had no idea what was in it. It didn't look anything like what you would get in a chicken."

"They apologised and have offered to send vouchers as the least they can do which I'm happy about even though I'm put off KFC for life.

"But I'm still angry and appalled with what I came across. Its just not on and it could of been one of my children who ate that bit."

A KFC spokesperson said: 

"We're really sorry to hear about Sanchez's experience. We have strict procedures in place to ensure our food is served at its best… and although this is a natural part of the chicken and not harmful, it should've been removed. 

"We have not received any other similar customer complaints at our Jubilee Retail Park restaurant - that said, we know it doesn't look great.

"Our customer care team are looking into it and will be in touch."

KFC have offered their apologies to Sanchez and say they're looking into the incident . They say because they use natural ingredients and the chicken comes on the bone, sometimes team members can miss a piece of giblet.

They say they're investigating how the giblet made it's way into the take-away.

In a response to Sanchez the restaurant said:

"We're very sorry this was not removed, but thanks for giving us the chance to put things right. I know it’s not much consolation, but because the chicken we use in our restaurants arrives on the bone, sometimes the team can miss a piece of giblet. It’s one of the things with using natural ingredients. "