Thousands of leaflets flyposted in Weymouth

Thousands of leaflets flyposted in Weymouth

Published by The Wessex FM News Team at 7:00am 22nd September 2019.

A clampdown on flyposting in the area could be on the way – along with action against a market operator who leaves thousands of leaflets on parked cars.

Town clerk Jane Biscombe said flyposting is punishable by a fine of up to £10,000.

She told councillors at a meeting on Tuesday evening:

"We could prosecute and I would support that. It’s a blight on the area and it makes the town look untidy, it’s the same as littering." 

Ms Biscombe added that the decision to prosecute was down to the owner of the affected property and, until now, the council’s approach had been to remove flyposts as soon as they were put up, but the council could look at prosecution.

Councillors suggested that Dorset Council be asked to take action against the market operator whose leaflets ended up littering many of the town’s car parks.

After fast food packaging waste, the leaflets were the second most collected item of litter picked up by cleaning staff.

Cllr Mark Tewkesbury suggested asking Dorset Council wardens who check parking tickets to remove the market leaflets from windscreens at the same time.The town clerk said she had twice written to the market operator but had not received a reply.

By Trevor Bevins, local democracy reporter