Dorchester Councillors Surgery coming to library

Dorchester Councillors Surgery coming to library

Published by The Wessex FM News Team at 8:01am 22nd September 2019.

It’s a chance to meet your local councillors and voice any concerns.

Dorchester East Councillor Molly Rennie said:

"It's an opportunity for people who don't think to phone their councillor or email us or send us a letter to just contact us while they're out in town and to have a chat about the things that are worrying them or concerning them in any way.

"It'll be one-to-one - it won’t be a group thing and you can talk about anything. The library has plenty of private spaces in case something is a bit more confidential.”

There will be at least three councillors at every meeting.

Dorchester Councillors Andy Canning, Robin Potter and Fiona Kent-Ledger will be attending the first meeting (Saturday 5th October) to answer any queries or concerns the local community may have.

The meetings will be held on the first Saturday of the month from 10am until 12pm.