Cruises visiting Portland Port almost triple over four years

Cruises visiting Portland Port almost triple over four years

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:07am 25th September 2019.

In 2016, 15 cruise-liners visited Portland Port but this year there are far more.

By the end of the year, 44 cruises will have visited Portland, attracting over 60,000 visitors.

It's estimated each day-visitor spends around €80 in Dorset.

Ian McQuade, Portland Port General Manager said:

"It's been another record-breaking year this year. 

"When we look back sort of ten years or so we were handling just 3 or 4 very small cruise ships, less than 1000 passengers in total.

"The main which has developed the opportunity is a far greater focus by the port itself on building the relationship with the cruise lines... and telling them what a good story we've got here.

"And most importantly what a beautiful place Dorset is for them to bring their guests."

Disney Magic Cruise Ship Portland Port September 2019
Disney Magic Cruise Ship at Portland Port.

'So who's visiting?

  • There have been lots of new arrivals amongst the ships dropping anchor in Portland this year.
  • Disney Magic docked last week and brought 2,000 visitors with it.
  • The Port's also welcomed three ships from Princess Cruises this year.

Ian McQuayde said:

"The attention it gets wherever it goes is extraordinary. When they sound the horn and it plays, 'When you wish upon a star" you know it's something different to a normal cruise ship.

"We're also very fortunate this year to have the inaugural call from the Spirit of Discovery which is the brand new ship that Saga Cruises are operating.

"Which was obviously a real accolade for the success that the port has had over the last few years, the fact that they wanted to include us their first ever itinerary."

Portland Port Cruise Ship

In 2017, the USA made up the largest number of visitors to the Port (14,534) followed closely by Germany (13,772). Other visitors came from France, Spain and Italy.

UK cruises lines brought 1,777 visitors to Portland that year aswell.