How do you prevent crime in Dorset?

How do you prevent crime in Dorset?

Published by Maria Greenwood at 9:40am 27th September 2019.

You've got to look after your officers, according to Dorset's Chief Constable.

James Vaughan has been speaking to Wessex FM after Dorset Police was graded 'good' across in their latest inspection. 

In all 11 'PEEL' (police effectiveness, efficiency, legitimacy and leadership) categories, the HMIC received a good rating.

It's led to calls from Dorset's Chief Constable to place an even greater emphasis on preventing crime, as well as responding to it. 

More crimes are being reported in Dorset, but fewer of them are getting to court.

'How do you prevent crime?'

According to James Vaughan, the demand on police officers over the past few years has been heavy, but for the past 6 months crime has been dropping in Dorset.

He wants to enable officers to spend more time preventing crime, but at the heart of the issue he believes they just need more time.

"So over the last few years we've responded to the economic conditions that the country's faced which has meant that resourcing has been quite tight for Dorset Police and at the same time demand upon the police has been growing.

"That has had an impact on the men and women that deliver policing every day for us in Dorset.

Weymouth NPT Officers police

"They've been under some strain for some time and their well-being is an area that we've invested in.

But the thing that really drives well-being is reducing the demand upon the officers and giving them opportunities to have some capacity, some headroom to be proactive and to do the work they prefer to do which is preventing crime, rather than continually responding to it.

"We are working hard to understand our demand better, to place more more efficient and effective ways of tackling demand around it in order to improve the well-being of our organisation.

"If I have a workforce that feel fit and well and are motivated and then we have a recipe for success and I think that's the thing a good grades in the HMIC report to outstanding."