Weymouth Carnival's confirmed for 2021!

Weymouth Carnival's confirmed for 2021!

Published by George Sharpe at 2:40pm 10th October 2019. (Updated at 3:18pm 10th October 2019)

Weymouth Carnival will be coming back in 2021, but they're not sure which date to hold it on.

Traditionally, it's been held on the 3rd Wednesday of August, but event planners think that might need to change.

Elysia Munday is the chair of Weymouth Carnival. She said:

"We have been asking this question over and over and we keep going back and forward, so we're throwing it out there to the public.

Weymouth's Carnival 2018
Weymouth's Carnival 2018

"Part of making sure Carnival comes back year after year is making sure it's at the right time of year, at a time when it's going to be really beneficial to the town.

"For such a long time it's been on the 3rd Wednesday in August... But our locals are working and a lot of them struggle to participate in the event because it's midweek."

She also says they want to bring business to the town when it's not already busy. So, they're asking when we think Carnival should be held.

What's new at Carnival 2021?

Along with a possible change of date, Weymouth's Carnival's hoping to get bigger for 2021. 

Instead of being an Esplanade-only event, they're hoping to expand to places like the Town Centre, the harbourside and possibly even the Lodmoor.

Brewers Quay could be among some of the new locations for Weymouth Carnival's expansion
Brewers Quay could be among some of the new locations for Weymouth Carnival's expansion

Elysia said:

"We have a really beautiful seafront and who doesn't want to show that off? 

"But when we look at the structure of carnival... it's actually a community-wide event and it doesn't make sense to us to just celebrate it in one area.

"So we want to extend it across the whole town and really get everyone involved."

If you've got any suggestions - including for the change of date - you can email Elysia at elysiajmunday@outlook.com.