400 calls made to the RSPCA about horses in Dorset

400 calls made to the RSPCA about horses in Dorset

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:40am 11th October 2019.

It’s been revealed the RSPCA took more than 400 calls last year from people in Dorset concerned about cruelty to horses.

The figure has been released as part of the animal charity’s October rehoming drive.

More than 300 horses were found homes last year.

But nearly 900 are still being cared for at the RSPCA’s specialist equine centres and boarding stables.

horse laying down

Dr Mark Kennedy, equine welfare specialist at the RSPCA said:

"We have been dealing with the effects of the horse crisis for almost seven years now, seeing sick, dying or dead horses up and down the country being neglected or dumped like rubbish.

"We need help from fellow horse lovers.

horse eating grass

"Please, please, please consider adopting your next horse from a charity instead of buying.

"Not only does it mean you won’t be inadvertently funding irresponsible breeders and dealers but you’ll be freeing up a space in our specialist centres for another needy horse, helping us as we work to rehome the hundreds currently living in private boarding stables."