Super trawler seen in Weymouth Bay

Super trawler seen in Weymouth Bay

Published by Maria Greenwood at 9:05am 14th October 2019.

It's the world's second largest fishing boat and it's been banned from the coast of Australia.

The FV Margiris was spotted in Weymouth Bay over the weekend.

The 6,200 tonne Lithuanian registered vessel is owned by Dutch company Parleviet van der Plas.

Its appearance caused quite a stir in the fishing community.

We spoke to Chris. He told us why this super trawler is a problem.

"Its capable of freezing down over 250 tonnes of fish a day.

"These boats are completely wiping out the mackerel stocks of fish in the English Channel.

"Most of our shore fishermen and inshore fishing fleet and obviously or Chanel fishing fleet will suffer greatly."

The boat was boarded by Government officials here last week and was found to be legally operating under European laws.

But environmental campaigners are concerned about the by-catch of these types of boats. Particularly the impact on Dolphins and bluefin tuna.

Here are some claims by the Blue Planet Society.

The FV Margiris was seen off Brighton this morning with one of its sister ships.