Dorset Knob Throwing cancelled for 2020

Dorset Knob Throwing cancelled for 2020

Published by Maria Greenwood at 11:56am 14th October 2019. (Updated at 6:34am 15th October 2019)

There will be no Dorset Knob Throwing competition next year.

Organisers say they've been forced to cancel the event, as Kingston Maurward College no longer want to host it.

They claim it's to do with the college wanting to see more profits.

Kingston Maurward have now cancelled their 'Memorandum of Understanding' made between the two parties.

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A spokesman for the Dorset Knob Throwing event said that a meeting was held with the College's Commercial Finance Manager in September, who told them the college was taking a look at all its external activities with a view to increase revenue from them.

The Committee say they outlined plans to grow the event and to hire Kingston Maurward instead of being in a partnership.

Festival organisers say that after the meeting college's Finance Manager said that even if the festival got bigger, they couldn't be assured that there would be greater profits and the event being held at Kingston Maurward had run its course.

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A spokesman for the Dorset Knob Throwing Competition said:

"The Committee is, of course, very disappointed with this outcome after two successful and profitable Knob Throwing events at the venue but respects the College's commercial priorities.  

"It is unfortunate that prior to this meeting there had been no suggestion that the College was even considering cancelling the arrangement.
"There is an enormous amount of work involved in running the event, more so at a new site, so we want to be absolutely sure that we have the expertise and experience necessary to do it properly.   

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"We would rather miss a year than get it wrong.

"We have identified potential venues for 2021 and will continue actively to research the best solution.  

"With Moores Biscuits as our principal sponsor and supplier of Dorset Knobs we are hugely looking forward to the future."


Photo of Kingston Maurward College Principal Luke Rake
Kingston Maurward College Principal, Luke Rake

Luke Rake, Kingston Maurward Principal and CEO: 

“We were approached a few years ago by the Knob Throwing Festival after the event outgrew the infrastructure around Cattistock, in particular around the ability of cars and emergency vehicles to safely enter and exit the area.

"We happily supported the team in hosting the event at Kingston Maurward, including supporting the committee as it underwent a number of changes and helping them operate the event.

"Sadly, the costs of running the event here outweigh the lost incomes from other estate use and we have unfortunately had to take a commercial decision based upon ensuring the best and most effective use of limited resources. We wish the Cattistock team well for the future.”