Trigger Happy TV star at Dorchester Literary Festival

Trigger Happy TV star at Dorchester Literary Festival

Published by The Wessex FM News Team at 8:28am 18th October 2019. (Updated at 10:01am 18th October 2019)

Dom Joly will be at the Corn Exchange tomorrow night as part of this year's Dorchester Literary Festival.

A record 3,000+ tickets have been sold this year, making it the biggest event since it started five years ago.

One of the highlights is creator of comedy series Trigger Happy TV, Dom Joly.

He told Wessex FM that - even more than comedy - his real love is travel writing.

And it's Tintin who got him into it...Dom says he had a map on his bedroom wall as a child with all the places Tintin visited, and it was his dream to go to each one - which he now has.

His love of Tintin's led him into some interesting situations!..


Dom said:

“I actually always wanted to be a travel writer, and when I was growing up in Lebanon the people I thought were really cool were foreign correspondents. And my mum and dad were explorers in the Syrian desert and they had books everywhere, so I had that around me.

“I like exploring places where people don’t normally go to, but that I knew were amazing – the Killing Fields of Cambodia; Chernobyl for the weekend; North Korea…and then I became a monster-hunter, a bit like Tintin, and went to Congo and Loch Ness and Japan.

“I can see why people are thinking ‘Hang on, why’s the guy dressed as a squirrel travelling around the world,’ but to me all my travel stuff makes total sense.”


He says his latest book, The Hezbollah Hiking Club is his first “proper grown-up book” because it’s all one subject and documents his 27-day trek across Lebanon from South to North with two friends.

They had a few problems on the way – mainly due to them being “incredibly unfit”! They got lost, and suffered a couple of injuries – so obviously had to give up and go to the pub at various points.

Friendship and ‘growing old disgracefully’

The book’s about more than the trek. It celebrates Dom’s relationship with his oldest friend and a more recent friend, who went with him. He said:

“It’s about us all turning 50 and growing old disgracefully.

“But it’s also about friendship. It can be hard to make friends when you’re older. We all get to that stage in life where we don’t really meet many new people."

Dom’s top tips for making friends and influencing people - disgracefully:

  • Just don’t sit at home – go and do things and let yourself get excited about new experiences
  • Don’t care what people think and do exactly what you want more. It’s ok to be a bit selfish
  • Don’t be afraid to drop friends who you don’t get on with anymore, and make more time for new ones you have more in common with

Dom’s last word: The new gap year is for over 40s and 50s!  

You can see him at The Corn Exchange in Dorchester this Saturday 19th October at 6pm.