Patchy torrential rain hits Dorset

Patchy torrential rain hits Dorset

Published by George Sharpe at 3:31pm 18th October 2019. (Updated at 3:34pm 18th October 2019)

Drivers are being warned to stay safe.

Heavy scattered showers have gripped the county today, catching many of us off-guard.

There are reports of some localised flooding in parts around parts of Dorchester, including Herringston Road and the Monkey's Jump roundabout.

Dorset Council are warning us to take care and plan ahead, due to the flash showers we’ve been seeing,

A spokesperson said:

"Hail, snow, fog and heavy rain all reduce visibility and make driving hazardous, so it is important to adjust your driving to the conditions."


They recommend:

  • Drive slowly, allowing extra time for braking
  • Keep back from the vehicle in front for better visibility and increased thinking and stopping time
  • If visibility is reduced turn on your headlights (dipped)
  • Test your brakes after passing through floodwater
  • Before making a journey, listen to the news and weather broadcasts. If conditions are bad, avoid making the journey unless it’s absolutely necessary

The heavy rain is expected to diminish later this evening, clearing to drier conditions but there's still some showers expected near coastal regions.

Tomorrow will be drier with plenty of sunny spells, though there's still some possibility of showers.