Portguese Man-O-War spotted on Chesil Beach

Portguese Man-O-War spotted on Chesil Beach

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:19am 22nd October 2019.

It looks a bit like a blown up balloon, but it packs nasty punch.

There have been several sightings of the Portuguese Man-Of-War on Chesil Beach.

It's thought the jelly fish like species have been blown in from the Golf Stream.

63 were washed up recently on a beach in Cornwall and now they they have been seen on Chesil Beach in Dorset. 

They can cause extreme pain if touched.

The species which is native to the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, is known for it's painful sting.

Portuguese Man O War washed up on Chesil Beach

Dorset Wildlife Trust confirmed the species had been spotted on Dorset's beaches.

Spokesman Sally Welbourn said:

"Often when the winds are south westerly they can end up being blown on to our beaches from the Golf Stream. 

"Their tentacles are adapted to capture their prey, hanging from a large gas-filled iridescent float capable of angling itself to catch the wind on the seas surface.  

"If you see one, do not touch it - they can cause a painful sting (even when dead). If you are worried about being stung, please seek medical assistance.  

"They can often be mistaken for a deflated balloon with ribbons attached!"