Overweight dogs signed up to 'waggy weight watchers'

Overweight dogs signed up to 'waggy weight watchers'

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:09am 30th October 2019.

Overweight and struggling to move, that's how Margaret Green Animal Rescue have described Susie and Cassie, two dogs that have recently come into their care.

The Dorset rehoming centre says it's seen a rise in overweight older pets in need of finding a new home.

Obesity can lead to health problems such as reduced mobility, joint pain and arthritis.

So they've now signed the Terriers up to waggy weight watchers at Lincoln Farm.

two overweight elderly dogs sitting on arm chairs

They're both on strict light diets with the occasional healthy treat and they're now managing to walk a little bit further each day.

A spokesman for Margaret Green said:

"Both of these elderly girls have a long road ahead of them to get down to having a slim waistline but they are enjoying their regular exercise and play sessions with rewards and cuddles and a tiny treat for their achievements."