Cow put down after brutal dog attack

Cow put down after brutal dog attack

Published by Maria Greenwood at 11:32am 7th November 2019.

WARNING: Please be aware this story contains an image which some people may find upsetting.

Dorset Wildlife Trust are pleading with dog owners to keep their pets on leads. 

It's after a cow was attacked by a dog on Todnoll Heath nature reserve near Winfrith.

Its facial injuries were so severe - the animal had to be put to sleep.

The attack was reported to the police after a member of the public rang one of DWT's Tadnoll graziers directly, to let them know about the incident.  

GRAPHIC IMAGE attacked cow © Mark Gallagher

DWT has recently upgraded signage on selected nature reserves in Dorset, urging the public to keep their dogs on leads to avoid harming wildlife and other animals that live there, such as cattle. 

DWT's nature reserve manager for the South and East, Leo Henley-Lock said:

"This attack is particularly upsetting as we have recently installed new signage on Tadnoll nature reserve which makes it clear to visitors that your dog should be on a lead. 

"We recognise that using outside space is enjoyable and can improve people's health, but the purpose of these sites is for wildlife to thrive on them, and as a conservation charity, that has to be our first priority.  

" We recognise that many people are following the code and are responsible dog owners, and we hope they can lead by example, so this doesn't happen again."