Luxury hamper business conned out of £2,000

Luxury hamper business conned out of £2,000

Published by Maria Greenwood at 7:56am 8th November 2019. (Updated at 12:27pm 8th November 2019)

A small business in Dorset which makes luxury hampers have been conned out of £2,000.

Cherry Picked Hampers in Winterborne Whitechurch took a large order for 15 hampers.

The company is run by Hayley Davis and Laurie Griffin.

Hayley said the client started to rush the order through at the last minute, and even arranged for a colleague to come and collect the hampers in person.

Cherry picked hamper

She said:

"He said he worked in construction for the company and made a joke about hoping one of the hampers was for him.

"He seemed friendly.

"We even helped him load the hampers into his car."

A month later Hayley and Laurie found out that the payment had been made using a stolen credit card.


Hayley says it's not just about losing the money.

"We were being cautious. We wanted to check with the bank to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with the card. And everything seemed fine.

"We are two young ladies who've worked hard to build the company. It's left us feeling vulnerable.

"Its just a sad time.

"We support so many local businesses it makes you question why you do it when you're taken advantage of so blatantly."

Hayley and Laurie have shared their story with Wessex FM as they say they don't want other local business to fall victim to the same scam they did.

cherry picked hampers
The hampers before they were stolen