Are you experiencing bullying in the workplace?

Are you experiencing bullying in the workplace?

Published by Maria Greenwood at 7:58am 12th November 2019.

It's Anti-bullying week and the Dorset Anti-Bullying Service are putting on a special event at St John's Church in Weymouth tomorrow (Wednesday 13th November).

The aim is to raise awareness of workplace bullying and the support that's available.

Alison Fox is the founder of the Dorset Anti-Bullying Service (DABS).

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She said:

"I personally experienced bullying in my life and for me, being able to help other people recover gives me great satisfaction and helps me feel better about my own experience."

"People often think of bullying as something that happens to children or domestic violence."

"At work it could be putting people under unreasonable pressure, threatening them with their job security when there is no problem, not inviting them to social events or very childish behaviour like gossiping in the corner."

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Alison says sometimes we might experience pressure at work that might not be bullying so its important to get another view point.

It's thought one it two adults will experience bullying in their lifetime.

A survey by Dorset CCG in 2017 found that 22% of their staff felt they had been bullied.

DABS are also looking for more volunteers to come forward to help them with the work they do.


Alison says there is one important thing to remember:

"Bullying isn't about you, it's always about the other person."

You can contact DABS in confidence on 07754 296 658.

Event details:

Dorset Anti-Bullying Service Awareness and Fundraising Evening

Wed, 13th November 2019
19:00 - 21:30 

St Johns Church