Frustrations over parking in the Park District

Frustrations over parking in the Park District

Published by Maria Greenwood at 12:39pm 15th November 2019.

150 people have responded so far to a survey on parking permits in Weymouth.

Dorset Council's holding a consultation after being handed a petition by frustrated residents in the Park District.

The council's now looking to make changes to the parking scheme.

Residents are being asked to have their say on a range of permit-related questions, including if there should be free permits for 'green' vehicles, if they would pay more for a permit that covered parking in a car park, removing one-hour spaces and restricting business parking permits.

Park District

Residents are also be asked if they think incremental charges should be brought in, with each additional car permit costing more.

You've got two weeks left to have your say.

Paul Hutton, Dorset Council Parking Services Manager, said: 

"The results of the survey will directly impact on the future of the residents on-street parking permit scheme in the Park District.

"We know that the main problem in the area is the significant difference in the number of spaces available and the number of people wishing to park their cars. 

"We can't create additional space on the road, but there are other options available to help better manage the situation."

Park District 4 with Community Centre

For anyone unable to access the online survey, members of the parking services team will be available at the Park District Community Centre, Chelmsford Street from 4pm to 8pm on Tuesday 19 November.

The survey is available until Sunday 1 December at