£100M waste recycling power plant planned for Portland Port

£100M waste recycling power plant planned for Portland Port

Published by Maria Greenwood at 7:40am 21st November 2019. (Updated at 9:12am 21st November 2019)

A new waste recycling energy plant could bring hundreds of jobs to Portland

Powerfuel Portland wants to create an Energy Recovery Facility at Portland Port.

It would generate 15 MW of energy by burning waste. That's enough to power around 30,000 homes.

The facility would have the capacity to process 180,000 tonnes of waste.

It would operate 24 hours/7days a week.

Site for Energy Recycling Centre - Dorset Council

'How would it work?'

The process recovers the energy content in non-recyclable household and commercial waste, by using it as a fuel.

The waste is delivered to combustion chambers where it is combusted at high temperatures and reduced to 10 percent of its original volume.

The heat generated from the combustion chambers heats up water in steel tubes that form the walls of the combustion chambers.

The water is converted to steam and delivered to a turbine that continuously generates electricity.

'Environmental Impact'

A statement on the company's website says:

"The ERF plant will have an “Environmental Permit”.

"Seasonal Environmental Impact Assessment surveys undertaken throughout 2019 have not identified any concerns and the site will be appropriately permitted by the statutory authorities."

"There are strict air emissions limits set by regulatory bodies.

"Powerfuel Portland will employ state-of-the-art emissions control technology to keep well within the limits set and monitored by the Environment Agency."

Portland Beach Road
Portland Beach Road

The waste will be transported along Portland Beach road to the proposed plant at Portland Port, with permission for 39 deliveries per day.

Powerfuel Portland say hundreds of jobs would be created if permission is granted for the plant.

  • 350 construction jobs
  • 45 supply jobs
  • 30 long-term, permanent roles

A spokesperson for Power Fuel Portland said:

"Dorset has a waste treatment problem in that there is not much capacity for treating waste.

"The intention is that the majority of waste for the plant will come from the county."

We'll be able to give our views on the proposals on the 5th of December at Portland Community Venue.

The exhibition will be open between 2pm and 7pm for residents to come along and find out more about the plans and ask any questions they may have. Members of the Powerfuel Portland team will be on hand throughout the event. 

For anyone unable to attend the exhibition, all the plans will be available on the project website along with contact details for asking any questions that may arise. 

Find out more about the project here.