Over 200 Dorset Bin Lorry breakdowns in 5 months

Over 200 Dorset Bin Lorry breakdowns in 5 months

Published by George Sharpe at 12:01am 23rd November 2019. (Updated at 12:12am 23rd November 2019)

80% of them were issues that needed fixing immediately.

Between April 1st and August 23rd this year there were 212 breakdowns.

Around 80% of those were fluid leaks and non-starting engines - issues that have to be fixed immediately.

Dorset Council says new trucks are on the way.

The price to replace 61 of the Dorset Waste Partnership’s current vehicles was estimated to cost £7.3m in 2018. Among those were 15 recycling vehicles, 15 refuse collection vehicles and 19 food waste collection vehicles.

Bin Drivers in Dorset could be getting a pay rise.

But a new bid has since been put in to replace all Dorset Council vehicles (including the DWP’s) over the next 5 years.

Dorset Council haven't been able to put forward an estimate on the price of replacing all of their vehicles until the budget is agreed next year.

It is also hoped this vehicle replacement programme will help prevent the DWP incurring additional hire charges, which can cost up to £1,070 per week on some vehicles.

Mike Moon, Head of Operations at the Dorset Waste Partnership, said:

"At a glance the number of breakdowns seems high, but to put it in context it's worth noting that we operate a large fleet of over 170 vehicles that are out and about most of the week. That's over 15,000 vehicle deployments across the county during that period.
The breakdown figure also includes issues such as fluid leaks and non-starting engines, which need fixing immediately and account for around 80% of the total. We have a number of new vehicles on the way that will replace the more problematic older models in the coming months."