Dorchester soup kitchen ISN'T being shut down

Dorchester soup kitchen ISN'T being shut down

Published by George Sharpe at 12:01am 30th November 2019.

A soup kitchen in Dorchester's been given the all clear after 'confusion' about it being shut down.

Dorset Council and Dorchester Town Council raised concerns about a soup kitchen this weekend over food hygiene, safeguarding and location. But, Dorset Council insists they were only involved in an advistory capacity, not an enforcement capacity.

The soup kitchen's been told it's allowed to operate.

Dorset Council said there was confusion about whether or not the soup kitchen was being closed and they've now met with the organisers.

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A Dorset Council spokesperson said:

"Dorset Council officers were delighted to clear up any confusion around this issue. We helped register their organisation, provided advice and guidance regarding food safety and safeguarding, and made sure the volunteers have the means of getting further support from us in the future should they need it."

"Perhaps most importantly, we have advised that they can continue to operate tomorrow and in the future."

The service is up and running again and Dorset Council are asking anyone else with a similar service to come forward so they can offer support.