Environmental campaigners to stage Boot Hill protest

Environmental campaigners to stage Boot Hill protest

Published by Maria Greenwood at 7:35am 9th December 2019. (Updated at 7:36am 9th December 2019)

Extinction Rebellion are due to be demonstrating along Boot Hill and Rodwell Road in Weymouth this morning.

Campaigners say they want to draw attention to the air we breath and the lives that are lost because of 'illegal air pollution' in parts of the country.

The group claims NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) levels near Boot Hill and Rodwell Road regularly exceed legal limits. 

It's part of their 12 days of crisis campaign in the lead up to Thursday's general election. 

Car Exhaust

Extinction Rebellion also claims air pollution kills 7 million people every year, and that two million people are living with illegal air pollution in London.

Doctor Andy Ward, a GP from Portland also supports the movement. He said:

"Global heating caused by the burning of fossil fuels will affect children born today at every stage of their lives, from infancy to old age.

"Climate change is already damaging our health all over the world."

'Impact on health'

Penny Quilter, a frequent user of Boot Hill, former public health nurse and Extinction Rebellion supporter said:

"This action is not aimed at making the hard-working citizens and parents that frequently use this road feel bad.

"The aim is to highlight the horrific levels of pollution we are subjected to on a daily basis and the lack of inaction from local and national governments to tackle it."

Rodwell Road, Boot Hill

Caz Dennett of Extinction Rebellion said:

"In Weymouth we have known for many years that pollution levels are unacceptable creating poor air quality which adversely affects people's health and well-being.

"We also know from residents that the pollution is unbearable and that children on their walk to school are exposed to toxic emissions, which without doubt have a direct negative impact on their health."