Will you be taking your DOG to vote?!

Will you be taking your DOG to vote?!

Published by Henrietta Creasey at 10:13am 12th December 2019.

Social media set to be awash with pictures of dogs waiting patiently at polling stations.

It's become a popular and heartwarming craze taking your four footed friend with you to cast that all important vote, snapping a picture and posting it with #dogsatpollingstations 

Today's General Election is expected to be no different! 

Dog Polling station Ellie!
Pip accompanying her owner to vote!


The rules stress animals, apart from assistance dogs, are not usually allowed inside polling stations so will need to be secured outside if you do decide to take them with you. 

The Dogs Trust have released some handy tips if you are taking your four footed friend with you.


In previous elections a number of people have ridden their horse or pony to their polling station!

Any voters considering that transport this year will have to make sure they tie their mount up securely or have someone hold on to it outside the polling station.

The polls are open from 7am until 10pm.