West Dorset diabetes campaigners move on after 7 years

West Dorset diabetes campaigners move on after 7 years

Published by Maria Greenwood at 6:26pm 16th December 2019.

A West Dorset group which helps people with diabetes is looking for new volunteers to help carry on its vital work.

Shona and Tim Freeborn have run Diabetes UK's, West Dorset group for the past 7 years.

They're now stepping down and are looking for more volunteers to help carry on the vital work.

The group has around 600 members, with around 40 attending five meetings a year.

As part of their campaigning they've spoken with 900 members of the public at the Dorset County Show.

They also campaigned for better access to Flash Glucose Monitoring in Dorset last year - a small sensor worn just under the skin.

Shona Freeborn said:

"I'll be sad to give up the group meeting in particular, as I have seen people get so much out of them. 

"They have access to experts like diabetologists, podiatreists and dietitians whom they rarely have an opportunity to see otherwise.

"They learn so much about their diabetes as a result. But now is the time to pass the reins to new hands who will continue to ensure that people in West Dorset have the best possible diabetes education and support."

Phaedra Perry, Daibetes  UK South West Regional Head said:

"We are so sorry to see Shona and Tim Freeborn go.

"They have been such fantastic supporters of Diabetes UK in West Dorset, even attending clinical commissioning group meetings in order to improve care for local people with diabetes. 

"But we want this local group to go from strength to strength and really hope that new volunteers will come forward. We will give them all the support they need to carry on Shona and Tim's great work."