17 new homes for Weymouth?

17 new homes for Weymouth?

Published by Maria Greenwood at 11:03am 19th December 2019.

Seventeen homes could be built on a Dorset Council-owned site in Beverley Road, Weymouth.

The application, for the Littlemoor site, is for 12 two-bed homes and 5 three-bed homes with 28 parking spaces.

Documents in the application to Dorset Council for outline consent describe the site as ‘amenity land’ and say it is not crossed by any public paths.

The application for the football-pitch sized plot of scrubland has been submitted by Rapide (Beverley Road) Ltd using a Wareham agent.

The site is between Beverley Road to the south and Nuthatch Close to the north.

beverley road houses

The developers say each home would have a garden with the site having a mix of allocated and unallocated parking.

The proposed two- and three-bed properties would be arranged in a mixture of semidetached and terraces, each between three and four homes, with three separate pairs of semidetached homes located to the east of the site. All would be two storeys in height.

Most of the new homes would be accessed via a new road joining Beverley Road, while units 16 and 17 would be reached via Pemberton Close.

The local plan identifies the site as suitable for housing, having been earmarked as being suitable for open market sale by the former borough council in October 2015.


Land to the north of the site would be retained as open space through the application and the footpath along the western edge of the site would also be retained, allowing continued access to it.

An adjoining area of land, slightly larger and to the west, is not included in the application, and will be retained. This site is adjoining the rear of Beverley Road, Kestrel View, The Doves and Fieldfare Close.

A decision on the scheme is expected to be made by a planning officer and not to come before councillors.

Public comments on the application remain open until January 21st.