Don't give fly tippers the gift of your Christmas rubbish

Don't give fly tippers the gift of your Christmas rubbish

Published by The Wessex FM News Team at 8:40am 27th December 2019.

We're being warned of an increase in unlicensed waste removers over the festive period.

If you pay to have your extra Christmas rubbish taken away - you could run the risk of being fined up to £400 if it ends up being fly-tipped.

Police, councils and the Environment Agency are warning about the increased risk of fly tipping as households try to clear their homes of packaging, leftovers, decorations and even Christmas trees.

The Environment Agency's warning us to refuse any unexpected offers and check that a waste carrier's registered and has the appropriate paperwork.

Rubbish Fly Tipping

Here's their SCRAP code:

  • Suspect all waste carriers. Don't let them take your rubbish until they provide proof of registration. Note their vehicle's registration plate.
  • Check that a waste carrier is registered on the Environment Agency's website
  • Refuse any unexpected offers to have your rubbish taken away
  • Ask how your rubbish will be disposed of - seek evidence of this
  • Paperwork must be obtained: a proper invoice, waste transfer note or receipt, including a description of the waste being removed and the waste carrier's contact details

The advice is to wait for your regular rubbish and recycling collection, and if you have too much for your bins, be patient and hold onto your waste until the next collection.

Fly tipping

'Unpleasant, unnecessary and illegal'

An Environment Agency spokesperson said: 

"Litter and fly-tipping is environmental vandalism - it's unpleasant, unnecessary and unacceptable. 

"Fly tipping is illegal for a reason - it's dangerous, unsightly, terrible for the environment and it costs councils tens of millions of pounds a year to clean up." 

money best

£400 fine

When disposing of rubbish, you have a duty of care to see it go to the right place or be fined up to £400 if your waste is fly tipped.

The advice: Don't pay twice. Make sure you check your waste carrier's licence, find out where it's going and get the right paperwork.

If you see fly tipping in progress, you can call 999 and report the registration of the vehicle. 

Fly tipping in Dorset can be reported via the Dorset Council Tip Off webpage.

Fly Tip 3

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill set up the Dorset Fly Tipping Group multi-agency partnership. He said: 

"Although some people think of fly tipping as a low-level problem, there's certainly nothing insignificant about it for residents who are affected. 

"It's a blight that makes areas appear run down and creates potential health hazards, while many of those who are responsible are organised criminals who think they can make profitable enterprises by turning our streets, parks and fields into their own personal dumping grounds."