Dog and its owner rescued from cliffs

Dog and its owner rescued from cliffs

Published by Maria Greenwood at 10:18am 31st December 2019.

Coastguard rescue teams were called out after a dog and its owner become stuck on the cliffs at Seatown.

The West Bay and Lyme Regis Coastguard Rescue teams were alerted on Saturday afternoon. (28 December)

A Border Collie and a 40-year-old man were stuck on the cliff face at Seatown.

Rescue teams used ropes to get to the man and his dog who were helped to safety.

dog and man rescued at seatown

A spokesman for West Bay Coastguard Rescue Team said:

"All were recovered safely back to the top of the cliff, and no medical assistance was required for the male casualty.

"The Coastguard advise is always keeping your dog on a lead whilst walking on the cliffs.

"Should an incident occur, never attempt a self rescue as you could be putting your own life at risk."