Fire crews called to burning chimney debris in Chideock

Fire crews called to burning chimney debris in Chideock

Published by George Sharpe at 7:52am 10th January 2020. (Updated at 11:05am 10th January 2020)

Fire crews were called to deal with burning chimney debris in Chideock.

Staff at the George Inn in Chideock smelled smoke and called emergency services.

Crews from Bridport, Charmouth and Weymouth Fire Stations were called yesterday after staff smelled smoke in the building, as well as burning. 

George Inn chimney fire

They couldn't find any signs of a fire in the building but were able to find burning debris in the chimney.

The fireplace hadn't been used since the night before, but a build up of debris on a ledge inside the chimney was burning.

A spokesperson for Bridport Fire Station said:

"It’s believed that with the wind, smoke from this was being pushed back down the chimney and into the property.

"It is worth noting that this chimney is regularly swept and the fire was not caused by lack of maintenance."

Part of the fire place was dismantled and the burning debris was removed.