Residents in Dorchester putting out their own traffic cones

Residents in Dorchester putting out their own traffic cones

Published by Maria Greenwood at 7:20am 13th January 2020.

Residents in a Dorchester road say they have been let down by Dorset Council and the former county council over lack of action on parking problems.

They say it has taken more than two years of asking for help, yet nothing has happened while roads nearby have been given double yellow lines.

Robin’s Garth residents say their road is often partially blocked by poor parking from town centre workers staying all day, resulting in bin lorries being unable to reach homes and, on at least one occasion, an ambulance being unable to get into the close.

They have now taken to putting out their own traffic cones on bin days to ensure the lorries get access – rather than have to wait an extra two weeks for collections each time the refuse vehicles fail to get down the road.

Robin_'s Garth residents only parking area

'Waiting list for double yellows'

The residents’ association say they were told two years ago by the former Dorset County Council that the road had been ‘overlooked’ for double yellow lines, but was on a waiting list. Now residents are again campaigning for some action – claiming that Dorset Council is reluctant to commit to the lines, although the council say the road has not been forgotten and is still on a waiting list.

One resident who tackled a motorist parking on the corner of the road at the junction with Culliford Road, partially blocking the access, was told by the driver to ‘get a life.’

Dorchester Town Council is now to ask the highways department at Dorset Council to come to a future meeting and explain why some roads are given priority for parking orders while others are not – and to explain what is being done to tackle the lack of parking throughout the county town.

By Trevor Bevins Local Democracy Reporter