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Broadmayne teacher flying out to teach Himalayan children

Broadmayne teacher flying out to teach Himalayan children

Published by George Sharpe at 4:36pm 13th January 2020.

Children from Broadmayne First School are donating £300 as well as other supplies to the school.

Joanna Stoker and the children in her Reception class have raised over £300 for the school in Pokhara.

She'll be teaching English to girls at a Monastery school in the region to 'break the cycle of poverty' they experience.

Among the donations are taking sustainable sanitary products for the girls, as well as reading books and colouring pencils.

Altavette Project
Pal Ewam Namgon Nunnery School in Pokhara, Nepal

Mrs Stoker said:

"The children have been very excited at school writing letters asking questions that they'd like to know about the children, and I'm hoping the children will be able to write some letters in reply.

"They've been asking what's the school like, I've been telling them that it's a girls school and they'll also be visiting a boys school and we've been talking about how that's very different to how they're educated."

Unique Opportunity

Mrs Stoker says it's a unique opportunity for the children at Broadmayne First School to learn about another culture. 

She said:

"It will be really good to introduce them to another culture and have that link with this project of helping others in other countries that are not so fortunate as our own."

The school is fully residential and provides a home, education and healthcare for 50 girls between the ages of 4 and 19. They learn 3 languages at the school - Tibetan, Nepali and English.

It's supported by local charity Altevette Project and Broadmayne First School. They've previously donated warm winter clothing for the girls and they've funded a class teacher for them too.

Mrs Stoker also plans to call pupils at Broadmayne First School while she's in Nepal to teach them a little bit about the trip.

To find out more about the project go to their website.