Look which Dorset company's on TV tonight! 

Look which Dorset company's on TV tonight! 

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:14am 17th January 2020.

Jamie Oliver's visited a Dorset producer for his Channel 4 show, 'Jamie & Jimmy's Friday Night Feast.' 

The Watercress Company will be appearing on the series tonight. (Channel 4, 8pm) 

You'll see Jamie and Jimmy take part in some of the strange and unique processes involved with watercress farming like;

  • Watercress planting:  Watercress seeds are drilled into the ground, naturally the pair turn it into a competition.
  • Rolling watercress: The crop has to be flattened 24 hours before harvest. This makes the watercress rise up and easier to harvest.
  • Harvesting : A bespoke harvester cuts the watercress and a second person follows behind catching it as it flies.
jamie oliver at the watercress company

You'll also get a demo of Jamie's recipe for watercress pesto.

Tom Amery, MD of The Watercress Company said:

"Whenever Jamie Oliver features watercress in a televised recipe we see a huge peak in sales and with the size of the audience that Friday Night Feast regularly attracts we're expecting another massive boost.

"What is especially exciting is that the audience is typically a younger one which will be a great help in our campaign to encourage a younger consumer to try watercress and be converted. "

tv crews filming at the watercress company


  • The watercress company grows 1.2 million kilos of the leafy green superfood every year.
  • They say it's one of the healthiest veg you can eat; packed with over 50 vital vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and compounds.