REVEALED: 158 drivers caught with illegal number plates in Dorset

REVEALED: 158 drivers caught with illegal number plates in Dorset

Published by Maria Greenwood at 11:16am 17th January 2020.

New stats reveal 158 drivers were caught with illegal number plates between Jan and October in 2019.

The biggest offenders were BMW and Volkswagen drivers, both makes of car were pulled over 18 times in 2019.

Dorset Police stopped around 200 people each year for illegal license plates , for which you can receive a £100 fine from the police, or even a £1,000 fine from the DVLA.



Sargeant Robbie Jephscott works for Dorset Police's No Excuse team. He said:

"It's needed in case of things such as going through automatic number plate recognition, if the vehicles stolen the camera won't necessarily pick it up if the vehicle lettering is too small or too far spaced apart."


Police bike

He says it's possible to have illegal number plates:

"On some number plates, people will apply for a number plate potentially not through a legal distributor of number plates ie, off the internet.

"This can lead to problems when they're trying to spell out the name of a loved one for example, with all good intentions.

"Sometimes people don't understand the rules of sticking on a small number plate.

For example, recently we had a Ferrari that had a very tiny number plate on the front that was just stuck on with a sticker."

'How can I make sure I'm safe?'

Official advice says number plates must:

  • be made of a reflective material
  • display black characters on a white background (front plate)
  • display black characters on a yellow background (rear plate)


Here are SOME of the rules drivers must follow .

You can find a full list of requirements from the government, if you're concerned.