Local charity launches educational campaign for HPV vaccination

Local charity launches educational campaign for HPV vaccination

Published by Maria Greenwood at 7:34am 20th January 2020.

Weymouth based charity 'Go Girls' are encouraging more young people to get the HPV vaccine.

They've launched an educational campaign to encourage all eligible young people to take part in the national HPV vaccination campaign.

They've created a short animation which they hope will be shown in schools across the country to educate young people about the benefits have having the vaccine. 

You can catch the HPV, which is the biggest cause of cervical cancer, through sexual contact, but England has seen declining rates of HPV vaccination over recent years.

Sharon McCartney, a nurse from Manchester and Trustee elect for GO Girls said:

"It is alarming to see this drop in HPV vaccination uptake.

"Protecting against the possibility of cervical cancer must surely be seen as a good thing.  As soon as you have sex, you are exposed to the virus, so there's no point kidding yourself you won't be at risk."

"The HPV vaccine works best before boys and girls come into contact with it, so before sexual contact"

cervical cancer screening-06

The charity formed in 2015 to support women with gynaecological cancers.

HPV is also implicated in causing other cancers too, including vulval and vaginal cancers, head and neck cancers, anal cancers genital warts.

Hilary Maxwell, Chair & CEO of GO Girls said: 

"Protecting yourself against high-risk HPV is a significant step in the prevention of cervical cancer.  

"The virus has no symptoms and so you will not know you have it.  

"For many the body will clear the virus naturally, but this is not the case for all, which is why the vaccine is so important for future health protection and its role in cervical cancer prevention.

"Whilst the vaccine protects against high-risk types of HPV, women will still need to attend cervical screening when called from the age of 25 as this an important part of cervical cancer prevention"


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