Hardy wall to be rebuilt

Hardy wall to be rebuilt

Published by George Sharpe at 8:22am 21st January 2020. (Updated at 5:30pm 28th February 2020)

Sections of wall at Thomas Hardy’s Max Gate home in Dorchester are to be rebuilt.

The National Trust has applied to Dorset Council for permission to carry out the work at the Alington Avenue Listed Grade 1 property which was built in 1885.

A 15-metre long section of wall to the right of the entrance and around the corner into Syward Road has become unstable and is leaning. The Trust says it will carefully dismantle the 1.6 metre tall wall where needed and rebuild it with the original bricks, bedded in lime mortar.

Max Gate at Thomas Hardye home

Some sections may need to be reinforced with stainless steel and concrete lintels used in places in the foundations to bridge over the roots of significant trees.

The application is open for public comment until February 18th with a decision delegated to a planning officer.

By Trevor Bevins, Local Democracy Reporter