Weymouth Carnival's gone official

Weymouth Carnival's gone official

Published by George Sharpe at 5:47pm 21st January 2020. (Updated at 6:16pm 21st January 2020)

The Weymouth Carnival Group is now an official Community Interest Company.

The Registrar of Companies has certified them as a Community Interest Company. 

A former group responsible for running the event ceased trading in 2019 and the event was cancelled.

Weymouth Carnival is now run by a new group of volunteers and is set to run once more in 2021.

Weymouth Carnival 2014

Carnival Chair Elysia Munday said:

"The Committee are feeling really positive and more motivated than ever to produce something special; we felt it important to be able to do things right, even if it means taking that little extra time to make sure and going down the CIC route felt like the perfect way to kick things off! 

"We hope that starting this event afresh in 2021 after what will be a 2 year absence, with this new committee working under the professional structure of our CIC will help to build trust, a strong brand and give the event a clear direction."

What is a Community Interest Company?

A Community Interest Company is part way between a charity and a profit making company.

It allows a group to trade for the good of the community, and assets and profits are locked within the CIC. They can only be used for community benefit. 

A CIC must also have a Community Interest Statement, signed by all of the company's directors. 

Weymouth Carnival's statement says:

"The Weymouth Carnival group aim provide platforms, opportunities and experiences that benefit the wider local community, its charities, groups, businesses, organisations and residents through the organisation of but not limited to, community events and activities with a particular focus on making a positive impact on disadvantaged communities in the area and boosting local business economy."

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