Collection mine returned to Weymouth Harbour

Collection mine returned to Weymouth Harbour

Published by Maria Greenwood at 7:28am 22nd January 2020.

A mine, used as a collection point for the RNLI has been returned to Weymouth Harbour.

The mine, which is believed to date back to the coronation, serves as a community donation box for the RNLI.

Up until 9 months ago it lived outside the Kings Arms on Trinity Road.

According to local landlords, there was a huge uproar over it with many asking where it went.

mine outside the kings arms in weymouth

Kevin Strickland landlord of The Boot Inn said:

"In my pub alone, we had people moaning about it, saying it should never have been moved."

Despite being an RNLI donation box, Weymouth RNLI say they had nothing to do with ordering the refurbishment.

Subsequent calls to Weymouth Town Council and Dorset Council revealed it wasn't anything to do with them either.

Kevin, Mark from Bennetts Fish and Chips and Grahame Knott from Deeper Dorset were able to eventually locate the missing mine.

"We managed to track it down to a gentleman who refurbed it up on Portland."

Along with other local businesses, Kevin paid to have the mine replaced, as well as sandblasted and repainted.

Kevin said: 

"It's been a landmark for years. 

"While we were putting it out there were people walking past saying it's tremendous to see it back."

"It's like everything else, you know if somethings been there years you recognise it and suddenly its missing it's like losing your left arm."

On Friday, the mine was bolted to the floor outside Bennets Fish and Chips on Trinity Road and will be repainted once a year.

Mine outside Bennett's Fish and Chips