Bridport Medical Centre adopts online appointment system

Bridport Medical Centre adopts online appointment system

Published by George Sharpe at 12:28pm 23rd January 2020. (Updated at 4:18pm 23rd January 2020)

The new system's supposed to help them find the best clinician for patients.

Instead of dialing the surgery at the start of a sick day, hoping to beat the rush for emergency appointments, Bridport Medical Centre are encouraging patients to use their new system.

The online appointment system 'Econsult' allows doctors to triage and put patients in touch with the right clinician.

Patients can use the online booking system to give doctors more information about their symptoms, aiming to make more accurate decisions about what they need.

Using a computer

Ian Platt is a GP at the Centre. He said:

"The whole point of e-consult is to try and make the provision of General Practice very efficient and there are lots of instances where patients don't need to be seen, but we can advise accordingly.

"Or for example, if you've got tiredness often if you come and see a doctor we want to do lots of blood tests, and it's more efficient if we get you to do those blood tests first and then we book you in for a follow-up appointment."

He says it's about making sure patients get seen by the right person at the right time.

"Generally, if people use e-consult well we get really high grade information about them because patients can spend their own time answering quite a long list of questions, to be honest, but if they answer those questions honestly we get really high grade information on which we can advise appropriately."

man talking on phone

What if I struggle to use the new system?

The Medical Centre are reassuring patients that they can still book an appointment at the surgery, even if they struggle to access the online service.

Patients  who struggle to use the Econsult system are still able to call reception, for assistance. 

You can find more information about making appointments on their website.