This Weymouth kebab shop wants to sell booze later

This Weymouth kebab shop wants to sell booze later

Published by George Sharpe at 12:01am 26th January 2020.

A Weymouth kebab shop which wants to sell booze throughout the night is being told that there is a presumption not to grant the licence.

Both the police and Weymouth town council have objected to the application for a change in hours from the Weymouth Kebab House in Westham Road.

If approved the change will allow the off sale of alcohol 11am until 5am Sunday to Thursday and 11am until 6am on Fridays and Saturdays.

The changes are being requested by the new owners of the business as a variation of the original licence conditions.

Dorset Council will decide on the proposed changes at a meeting in Dorchester on Monday ( Jan 27).

Panel members are being told that the business falls within what is known as the Cumulative Impact Area of Melcombe Regis where there is a policy with a presumption of refusal for additional hours of drink sales.

The policy says that changes should only be agreed “in exceptional circumstances and with justifiable reasons given.”

The committee will be told that the area is also subject to a Public Space Protection Order, agreed in 2017, to try and control alcohol related anti-social behaviour.

Councillors will be told that statistics show that over 50% of public place assaults in Weymouth take place between 21:00 and 06:00 and that 63.3% of night time public violence occurs in the Melcombe Regis area.

The application for the change in licence says that the business has full CCTV and anyone who appears to be intoxicated will not be served and those causing any form of nuisance will be removed from the premises and barred in future.

It also states that although the licence hours being asked for run until the early hours there is an expectation that the business will actually close earlier, especially in the quieter months of the year.

by Trevor Bevins, Local Democracy Reporter