Keep your kids safe on TikTok, says Dorset Police

Keep your kids safe on TikTok, says Dorset Police

Published by George Sharpe at 12:01pm 30th January 2020. (Updated at 12:13pm 30th January 2020)

TikTok is a viral video sharing social media app with automatically public profiles.

Dorset Police are urging parents to keep track of what their children are viewing on a new viral app named TikTok.

It's currently number one in Google Play Store's social media charts, with more than 500 million downloads on android alone. 

The app encourages users to create short 15 second videos that be seen by anyone else using the app.

TikTok accounts are automatically public, meaning anything anyone posts can automatically be seen by anyone. There's no limit to who can comment on videos or directly contact the user.

Chris Conroy, Cyber Crime Protect and Prevention Officer for Dorset Police said:

"It's important to talk to your child about what they share, and who they share it with. Setting an account to Private can negate this problem, however - as likes and follows are the goal on TikTok - your child may not be happy with a Private account. 

"TikTok do provide some safety features. For example, inappropriate content can be filtered out by turning on "restricted mode", and Family Safety Mode allows a parent to link up to three kids accounts to their own TikTok account, giving them the ability to manage screen time, turn on restricted mode and - most importantly - place restrictions on who can engage with their child on the platform. 

"Make sure your child is aware of the risks whilst interacting online. It's important that they know that not everyone on the platform is innocent. Ensure they feel able to talk to you if they have concerns, and know how to report any content that they fell is inappropriate, or block users who they do not wish to interact with."

For more information go to Internet Matters.

Tik Tok

What is Tik Tok? 

Tik Tok is a video sharing app social media app founded in 2012. It's intended for users aged 13 and over. 

It encourages users to create short videos of themselves with the potential to reach a massive audience. 

The platform encourages parents to oversee children's internet useage with their family safety mode.

Family Safety Mode allows parents to link up to three children's accounts to their own to prevent children viewing inappropriate content, and set restrictions on who can engage with their content.

Their website says:

"The platform offers a home for creative expression where users can enjoy an eclectic range of immersive, genuine, and entertaining videos - from dance challenges to lip-syncing to DIY tutorials to historical parodies to internet memes. 

"We encourage you to oversee your teen’s internet use, including any apps they may download. Both iOS and Android provide parental controls that let you block or limit specific apps, features, movies, music, and more at the device level. Because the full TikTok experience is for users 13 and over, we’ve given it a strict 12+ app store rating. This allows you to use parental controls built-in to the device, to simply block our apps from your child’s phone. "

You can read more about their safety centre on their website.