Improving links between the police and the community

Improving links between the police and the community

Published by Maria Greenwood at 7:40am 3rd February 2020.

Dorset's Neighbourhood Policing Team are setting out how they plan to improve their connection with the local community.

They've been asked to draw up 'Neighbourhood Engagement Contracts,' which have all been rated as good.

Each team is now required to meet 10 minimum standards which range from holding face to face meetings to improving their use of social media.

Each NPT has published their own contract with their community on the Dorset Police website, so members of the public can see what their neighbourhood officers are doing to connect with them.

Weymouth NPT Officers police

Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill said: 

"Policing has changed massively over the last few years but the one thing that will never change is that the police need to have close links with the people they serve."

Dorset Police Chief Constable James Vaughan said: 

"Our officers and staff work incredibly hard to build relationships with the communities they serve, which helps us to gather intelligence, bring offenders to justice and ultimately keep our residents safe.

Weymouth NPT Officers & CSAS police

"By carrying out surgeries, hotspot patrols, using our Dorset Alert community messaging system and social media accounts, holding public meetings and numerous other opportunities; our officers utilise both traditional and modern tactics to understand exactly what the public want from their local police service.

"We look forward to continuing our hard work to build stronger partnerships with the communities we serve."