Weymouth College marks Apprenticeship Week

Weymouth College marks Apprenticeship Week

Published by Maria Greenwood at 7:54am 7th February 2020. (Updated at 8:39am 7th February 2020)

Local employers have been joining the college's apprenticeship team to talk to potential new recruits.

Also as part of the week, Weymouth and Portland Chamber of Commerce hosted a business breakfast at the college, where local companies could learn more about the opportunities apprenticeships offer.

Principal of Weymouth College, Nigel Evans said:

"Apprenticeships should be promoted more in schools."

Nigel Evans Weymouth College
Nigel Evans, Weymouth College Principal

The college are working closely with local schools to promote apprenticeship opportunities earlier to young people.

Nigel said:

"We offer apprenticeships across the board, from business admin, hospitality & catering and engineering.

"If we aren't offering something and an employer comes to us, we have the capacity and the facility to offer it.

"Our aim is to do the right thing for our local industries and employers, the students, parents and the community."

Weymouth College 0132

Sarah Barnett is the Development Manager and Apprenticeship specialist at Weymouth College. 

She told Wessex FM apprenticeships not only benefit the apprentice, but also the employer.

"The benefits to an apprenticeship is less debt, having hands on experience of working for an employer from a younger age. 

"You are going to be working towards the same sort of salary as someone who has been to uni, but you have a lot more practice in the work place. 

"You've got that work ethic, confidence and hands on experience and skills you don't get at university."

Sarah added:

"Apprenticeships are a job, it's a great way for businesses to grow, bringing in new recruits and teaching them on the job."

Weymouth College

Anissa Lee is a mature student who started her apprenticeship after she turned 30. 

She was offered an apprenticeship while being employed with Weymouth College. 

"A lot of people have the stigma that apprenticeships are for school leavers and that they aren't very well paid.

"I did it to gain the skills I needed in the job to progress and meet the different changes withing my job role.

"Going through my apprenticeship on a different route, it didn't affect my job or pay at all, it was about gaining more skills and confidence."

To end National Apprenticeship week Weymouth College will be holding their Annual Apprentice of the year Awards - a celebration of the college's apprentices with employers, family and friends.