Workshops for new dads-to-be in Dorset

Workshops for new dads-to-be in Dorset

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:25am 13th February 2020. (Updated at 8:48am 13th February 2020)

Dads-to-be can now get more help in getting ready for the arrival of a new baby.

'BeingDad' is a new workshop specifically for fathers.

They training has been set up by husband and wife, George and Nicky Bell-Starr in Weymouth.

George Bell-Starr, wife and child being dad
George Bell-Starr and his family.

George says through experience he found a distinct lack of education and support for dads in the build up to and immediately after having children.

He told Wessex FM:

"The workshops are aimed at dads whose partners are pregnant.

"They are normally brand-new dads that are in the first few weeks of their little one's lives."

dad and baby

The couple started the workshops after the birth of their daughter Evie.

Nicky had a traumatic birth and was offered support, whereas there was nothing for George.

George said:

"I felt quite vulnerable when Evie was born, I could've learnt more and had more knowledge.

"The support for dads in anti-natal was really lacking."

being dad workshop

George said the workshops cover all the fundamentals that a dad needs to know.

"They are two hours in length and you learn how to change nappies, how to hold a baby, how to wash your baby, how to put your baby in a car seat. 

"All the things I thought I knew, but actually when it came down to it, I really struggled. 

"The groups are two hours and all about meeting fellow dads that are in a similar position to them, creating a network of friends you can rely on as the months and years go by."

The next workshop will be in Dorchester on the 14th March. 

The couple say they would also like to eventually run a post-natal mental health course for Dads as well.