Refurbishments will cost Owermoigne Village Hall £30,000

Refurbishments will cost Owermoigne Village Hall £30,000

Published by George Sharpe at 12:01am 16th February 2020.

Owermoigne Village Hall need £30,000 to replace cladding on the almost-century old building.

Owermoigne Village Hall are seeking grants to replace their cladding and other parts of the hall.

Owermoigne Village Hall

The building's nearly 100 years old and made of timber. It was once a Bovington Army building, now it's a place for the community with activities like a monthly lunch club.

Funding's needed to replace the external cladding, build a meeting room and a storage room with disabled access. 

Derek Woodward is the Chairman of the Owermoigne Village Hall. He said:

"At the moment we are refurbishing the kitchen, it is currently an empty shell.

The money raised so far has gone towards ripping the old kitchen out, purchasing a new kitchen, new cooker, new sink and washing up facilities."

[The building] needs a major refurbishment, and we still need to refurbish all of the outside cladding to make it last for the future."

Owermoigne Village Hall

The Village hall is host to events for the community, including their monthly lunch club.

Derek said:

"We have a professional ex-chef who volunteers to cook. It started with just 12 people but has gone up to 16."

We have interest from more people but due to the lack of facilities, we don't have the room to cater for them."

Later in the summer they will also be starting their "Buy a plank" campaign to replace the cladding. 

Derek explained: 

"This is where villagers can donate money towards a plank. Their name will then be put on a plaque in the hall."

We are also holding a number of fundraising days including a table top sale and a Cream Tea on Friday 8th of May."

The village hall is still looking to raise another £20,000 to £30,000 but once the kitchen has been completed the parish have said they will donate money towards the cladding.