Weymouth cycling scheme restoring people's mobility

Weymouth cycling scheme restoring people's mobility

Published by George Sharpe at 12:01am 15th February 2020.

A scheme in Weymouth's helping those with lower mobility feel the wind in their hair again.

Cycling without Age Weymouth is a not for profit charity, it's part of a global initiative called 'Cycling Without Age' that started in Denmark in 2012. 

Des Lochrie, brought the initiative over to Weymouth in May last year after a family holiday in Denmark.

He said he took his two foster children on the ride:

"They absolutely loved it and I thought this is something that the people of Weymouth would love.

"I retired back in October and decided to apply for affiliation which we did and we were successful.

"Weymouth Golf Club kindly donated our first bike, it's run by five volunteers called pilots and we are currently training six more."

Des hopes to encourage social connection and to bring generations closer together using the special bikes.

"The scheme is for the elderly, people with mobility problems and disabilities. I took a lady out this week who hadn't seen the seafront for years and it made her day.

"At the moment we have one bike, but looking at getting two more because the reaction we're getting from people is fantastic.

"Everyone who has been on it comes away with a big smile on their face. 

"If we can take out a group of people, it's far more sociable for them. We're looking to get people back in to the community."

The bike is officially called a trishaw and it's a three-wheel cycle with a passenger cab out front.