Your ideas needed to help tackle climate change

Your ideas needed to help tackle climate change

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:38am 17th February 2020.

Extinction Rebellion will be holding their second People's Assembly in Dorchester today.

It is being held at the Dorford Centre tonight from 7pm - 9pm.

The meetings are in response to a climate emergency declared by Dorset Council in May 2019. 

The local authority is encouraging members of the public to submit their ideas on how the council can tackle climate change.

Over 30 local people attended the first event (pictured below) with speakers including Dorset Community Energy, Sustainable Dorset, Transition Towns Weymouth and Portland and Portland for the Plant. 

people assembly portland

Penny Quilter from Extinction Rebellion said:

"People's Assemblies are a way for a group of people to discuss issues or make decisions collectively, so that all voices are heard and valued equally and no one person or group is able to dominate the process. 

"They are a fine example of participatory democracy processes that are successful in generating ideas, gathering feedback and making decisions."

climate change

Caz facilitated the evening. She said:

"What struck me most was the enthusiasm and positive thinking about community action.

"The mood changed in the group I was with then we asked the question, what can we do as a community to address the climate and ecological emergency.

"There was a genuine desire to act locally with really excellent and realistic ideas."


'Next events'

  • Monday 17th February, Dorford Centre, Dorchester
  • Wednesday 19th February, Weymouth Pavilion - Ocean Room - 1pm - 3pm