Warning over car key hackers in Dorchester

Warning over car key hackers in Dorchester

Published by Maria Greenwood at 11:50am 19th February 2020.

Police are warning drivers in Dorchester to keep their car keys away from their front door.

Officers think car key hackers may be operating in the town.

Its when thieves attack built in systems that can unlock a car when the key is nearby.

Police say there have been thefts from vehicles which were found unlocked, but weren't damaged. 

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RAC Insurance director Mark Godfrey suggests that drivers should take preventative measures to reduce the possibility of car key hacking.

Mark said: 

"Drivers with keyless systems can take precautions to prevent their vehicles being stolen including storing their keys in protective cases so the signal can't be cloned, or even switching off the keyless feature on the fob if it is an option.

"Instead, put keys in a drawer or cupboard away from any windows or doors where they might be seen, or keep them in your bag or jacket."